The first step in the process of website designing is the creation of a layout/design of a webpage using a designing tool like Photoshop.  This layout/design is a static layout that needs conversion into a dynamic layout upon approval from the client side. Here comes in the role of PSD-HTMLconverter.

PSD -HTML conversion is important because of the following reasons:

  • A web page created in photoshop and converted to HTML is accessible over other significant devices and screens as well.
  • Websites are compatible on all browsers.
  • Websites have faster loading speeds.
  • Websites have good online visibility.
  • Coding is smooth and easy.
  • Creates brand identity by developing websites that have a professional look.
  • Websites are responsive over multiple devices and platforms.
  • Offers enhanced user experience
  • Implements dynamic functionalities to static PSD files.
  • Seamless integration from PSD-HTML using any CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal and many more.

Our company is W3C compliant(World Wide Web Consortium). So if you wish to develop a website in HTML, we are the perfect solution for your requirements. We have years of experience in coding websites using  HTML and using converters to convert the static PSD to dynamic web pages that can run on multiple device and platforms.