Route 53

MCT has the best expertise of trained personnel to employ the third party services of Amazon(AWS).It makes use of the already available service through it’s technically skilled manpower to facilitate the speedy development of applications. With the help of ROUTE 53, MCT initiates the development of a website or a web app.

The three main functions of ROUTE 53 are:

  • Domain name registration

You can give a name to your website, for example the help of ROUTE 53, you can thus register a domain name for your website or web application.

  • Direct internet traffic to your domain resources

As soon as some user types in your  domain name in the address bar ,of his browser ,ROUTE 53 is in action.It helps the Domain Name Server(DNS) to connect his browser with your website or web application.

  • Notifies about the health of your resources

ROUTE 53 checks the reachability,availability and functionality of resources .It generates automated requests to resources to check their health periodically and sends notifications when any of the resource becomes unavailable.The traffic is then diverted away from that particular resource.