Technology and empathy are two most important ingredients  when it comes to what we can say———the recipe of a good customer relationship.’

We  employ these two essential ingredients and incorporates them in Salesforce Service.

Salesforce Service is a customer relationship management platform which allows you to interact with thousands of like-minded companies on a common platform.

Customer service has evolved over the last two decades in the following ways:

  • Customer service is now instantaneous.
  • Customer service incorporates the social aspect too.
  • Customer service has become more mobile.
  • Customer service is virtual.

Customer service incorporates the use of latest trends and technologies like FAQ,Live chat,text messaging,self-service portals etc which are not only beneficial to the customer but provide business advantage to the company as well.

Steps for improving customer Experience/Salesforce

1)Understand your customer’s wants and needs.

Nowadays customer experience is no longer limited to the business in question, but instead should be shared over the internet with both the content and discontented customers. You need to uniquely understand your customers’ requirements if you want to set yourself apart from your competitors. You need to identify your target audience and what exactly you can provide them.

How can you know what your client actually wants?

  • Polling
  • Research the habits of customers
  • Study reviews
  • Scan social channels

2)Understand the habits and trends for different customers.

Once you have identified your customers, your next task is to understand their behavior- one of the most important being the channel over which they are likely to be most responsive like:

  • Facebook.
  • Twitter.
  • Mobile.
  • Live Chat.
  • Customer portals.
  • FAQ Pages.

The problem of reaching the specific demographics the right way and at the right time is dealt with by using the right kind of tools. These tools include:

  • CRM platforms.
  • Predictive analysis.

3)Establish a company persona

Customers may choose to interact with the company via any of the channels like mail, fax, mobile, Live chat, customer portals and so on.Whatever channel they choose to communicate, their experience should be a pleasant one. Thus, regular training sessions for the company personnel so that their communications with the customers reflect the company’s persona.

4)Give each customer a 1-1 journey

Since customers can interact via any number of channels, they should have the same kind of experience, irrespective of the medium used. Here comes in the use of CRM platforms that make use of purchase history and other relevant information to keep the communication seamless and consistent.

5)Use of the right tools to manage customer experience.

Using the right kind of tools and an effective CRM to manage customer experience are essential for a business to generate revenue.