“The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore.It will be the fast beating the slow.”----Rupert Murdoch.


Geo Location

Geo location feature helps the application suggest you the best nearby restaurants, friends, chat buddies, taxi for travel and many more enhanced functionalities for your app. The geo location of the user’s app is utilized by the application business logic to process & provide solutions.

Chat & Messaging

Integrated chats with users whether they are office workers, friends on social media (FB, Instagram, Twitter) can be utilized to build a network among acquaintances. The app users can search, find friends, invite them and create group message rooms for fun as well as work.

Payment Integration

Seamless payment via users existing bank card whether is credit / debit or netbanking all merchant payments can be done in few clicks. The apps allows users to save card information and set default for all their payments. The payments are done through secure channels implemented by Payment Gateways.


We have contributed phenomenally  to the growth of mobile phones ,websites and applications, by ensuring the mobility of apps and websites on all kinds of devices——-Staying connected  and informed anytime and anywhere .Apps can be run on multiple devices and platforms. The concept of ‘office hours is now no longer existent. Business is always available 24/7 on varying number and types of devices.

There are numerous advantages of mobility:

  • Portability-Being able to use the device from anywhere.
  • Availability-Being able to use the device at any point of time.
  • Sharing-Being able to share the device screen with others as well.
  • Access to the data in context-Being able to access content and data as and when required.
  • Information is real time .Real-time information keeps it updated.
  • Good user experience-mobility offers a simple interface for fundamental processes and transactions.
  • Personal ownership of devices-Employees can have access to corporate systems through their mobiles.
  • System Independence-Delivering Functionality without affecting other systems.
  • Geolocation-The location of other devices is easily traceable.
We need to stay informed and connected all the time.


We are a boon for e-commerce websites that need apps that can run on iPhones. IOS App Development companies like MCT do just that for you.


We have a robust team of android app developers that ensure deployment of the app as per the planned schedule.Android apps are the core of mobile technology…


The broom app
The broom app