Automated Testing is the process in which automated tools run actions that are predefined, comparing the actual performance of the app with its intended performance. When they align, the app is likely to be error-free. Otherwise, the existing code is modified, and automated testing performed again. This procedure follows until the app behaves in an intended manner.

Advantages of Automated Testing are:

  • Tests are quicker and more effective.
  • The test is cost-effective.
  • Automated testing eliminates the need to fill the same forms and data repetitively and hence it is not so dull as compared to manual testing
  • Greater team collaboration and transparency as the entire team can view the results of testing by logging in to the testing system which is not possible with manual testing.

Disadvantages of Automated Testing are:

  • Tools can be expensive
  • Developing the automated tests is a time-intensive process. So Automated testing takes time.
  • The visual aspects of the app like font, color, and size cannot be tested using automated testing.

We employ Automated Testing for large projects, with a large number of system users.