3D & IVR

“Almost all quality improvement comes via simplification of design,manufacturing...layout,processes and procedures.”-----Tom Peters.


Our application development company has adequate infrastructure to support both 2D and 3D graphics. The users enjoy the ultimate 3D experience at minimal cost, delivering visual excellence and quality.

  • 3D visualization is particularly crucial in projects of architecture and transportation because investors can see how their project is going to look like after completion.
  • Quality 3D Visualization has become quite inexpensive nowadays, hence witnessing an increase in its usage.
  • 3D Visualization is an excellent way to market a product. Videos look more attractive than pure pdf and images. MCT creates customized websites, interactive applications and mobile apps for your projects.
  • 3D Visualization helps in effectively depicting the different options for a particular project, for example in an architectural project, the placement of windows in a house or office place, the different routes in a transportation project, and so on.
  • The problems in a project can be tapped and nipped in the bud even before the development is complete.

The visual capabilities of a high-quality 3D visualization can help you attain complete satisfaction from your project, by bringing print to life and boosting sales.


Interactive Voice Response system is an automated system. It works by interacting with callers, gathering all their information and then routing the call to the concerned authorities. IVRS accepts inputs in the form of voice, keypad, and responses appropriately in the form of voice, email, and  fax.

Our team provides a host of services for all your IVRS needs.  We can help integrate your CRM tools with IVRS to make them interactive and automate the lead generation process.

IVRS is helpful in the following areas:

  • Order transactions
  • Call routing in offices.
  • Call center forwarding
  • Filling Sale order forms and forwarding to the concerned salesperson.
  • Surveys from customers about a specific product.
  • Keeping medical records of patients.
  • IVR is a 24/7 service providing information to customers when they need it.
  • It saves a lot of time and money  by answering frequently asked questions automatically without the need for human intervention

Customers are happy because it reduces their wait time and are attended by a caller immediately.

MCT provides all solutions to your IVRS requirements


Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies and is a much sought-after tool for developing both 3d and 2d games.


The Maya wizard came into existence in 2007 in Bangkok, Thailand. The team at MCT is well equipped with the knowledge of using the Maya Wizard.


The ever-evolving digital world calls for an IVR platform that provides multi-channel support for all the critical information and context for customer…