MCT employs the best practices in delivering apps and websites. Amazon EC2 is one such service that MCT uses to deliver apps cost-effectively.

Imagine the amount of investment that for upgrading the server space for scaling websites and apps. With the advent of Amazon Elastic Cloud Component(EC2), a web service provided by Amazon-AWS(Amazon Web Service), businesses have heaved a sigh of relief.

The service has the following features:

  • Amazon EC2 is a service that allows users to rent virtual computers to run their apps.
  • In case of physical server space ,dedicated computers need to be reserved during peak hours.EC2 saves you the hassles of doing so. It allows you to scale the number of virtual machines to suit your demand and requirements.
  • Amazon’s server system saves you the investment of buying machines to expand your server. It supplies IT resources on demand via the internet.
  • The server scales automatically as per demand.
  • You need to pay for what and how much you use.
  • It provides the best Return on investment.
  • The service is very reliable.