About Us


MCT IT Solutions Pvt Ltd (MCTIT) is fast emerging company having established by highly experienced people of this industry. Our employees are our asset and we have an enthusiastic team of development for mobile applications.

Our Business Philosophy

Our belief lies in customer success. This has propelled our growth and helped us build an affable relationship with our clientele across the globe. In today’s dynamic and evolving business universe, MCTIT’s steadfast commitment is to provide and deliver the full value to clients, regardless of circumstances, and empower them to succeed. In MCT IT’s culture we strongly believe that our success is completely tied with the success of our clients.

At MCT IT, your technology management functions are completely taken over by us leaving you free to focus on your core business functions. Our philosophy is driven by excellence in our pursuits and the achievement of mutually fulfilling goals. The cornerstone of our success is our belief in the global culture of acceptance to ideas, innovation, trust and innate respect for the value of our customers. This enables our people to create world class products for any Domain and services.

The Future

Today, thanks in part to our expanding sales and marketing efforts, MCT IT enjoys a growing reputation for innovation, technology leadership, quality assurance and above all outstanding products & services delivery.

Despite our success, we remain on a journey: to create better products, to develop more rewarding partnerships with our customers, to better nurture the talents of our employees, and to help our customers win more in the marketplace. Whether you’re a prospective employee, partner or a customer, we invite you to join us.

We always look for new ways to provide solutions to create a better product.

Developing an application for a mobile is basically the same as developing any other software , but the ingredients  of success are basically the same everywhere –the right development team and an intelligent process.

“We are  prominently known to deliver affordable and high-quality code.”

Here at MCT your vision is our solution and the prerequisites that make us a special choice are:

  • MCT adheres to the basic requisites of planning, requirements definition, design, development, testing, delivery and support.
  • MCT has a talented team with well assigned roles and responsibilities.
  • MCT offers to develop apps that are capable of running on a variety of devices and platforms.
  • MCT provides creative solutions that directly impacts the development cost.
  • Mobile apps have a more focused purpose than traditional applications The business, creative and development resources should cooperate to deliver a successful app. MCT has the perfect blend of resources that handle the complexity of designing and developing mobile applications.
  • MCT offers to deploy applications onto devices timely, after going through thorough testing cycles.
  • MCT has the reputation to develop apps that dramatically improve and transform businesses, thus rendering a high ROI.
Agile Software Development
Agile SDLC model is a combination of iterative and incremental process models with focus on process adaptability and customer satisfaction by rapid delivery of working software product.

In Agile development, self-organization and motivation are important, as are interactions like co-location and pair programming. Team members are encouraged to take an active part in the development and planning activities.

Individuals and interactions
Working Demo Software

Demo working software is considered the best means of communication with the customers to understand their requirements, instead of just depending on documentation.

As the requirements cannot be gathered completely in the beginning of the project due to various factors, continuous customer interaction is very important to get proper product requirements.

Customer collaboration
Responding to change

Agile Development is focused on quick responses to change and continuous development. Agile focuses upon incorporating dynamic changes in the product development cycle.