HTML(Hypertext Markup Language) is a preferred language for designing websites HTML is the most search engine friendly language out of all programming languages.

The benefits of coding in HTML are numerous:

  • It is effortless to develop a website using HTML.
  • It is SEO compliant and very friendly with the search engine.
  • It is easy t make changes to a site coded in HTML.
  • HTML works well  with many web development tools like FrontPage or DreamWeaver
  • A site made using HTML is most readable and crawlable for its visitors.
  • Crawling time of the website is reduced
  • The page load time of an HTML site is very little.
  • An HTML site is as visually appealing to visitors as a site developed using advanced technologies.
  • HTML saves unnecessary costs involved with superior technologies.
  • It does not require any plugins or software.

All you need to stop and ponder over the requirements of your website and the kind of information that it is intended to carry- i.e., whether the site is for e-commerce, marketing, news feeds, and so on.

We are  W3C compliant, and if you are willing to have your website coded in HTML, we are the perfect destination for you.MCT had remained in the arena of custom website development since HTML was the only coding option available for websites. With the passage of time and invention of new technologies, our expertise in building contemporary HTML based websites has witnessed a rise. If you require a website designed and need to know whether a CMS or HTML based website is best suitable for you,  you can write to us today!