Clarity PPM

MCT allows organizations to innovate and control their portfolios through Clarity PPM consultants to efficiently manage business demands. Our certified staff guide your business to an optimal path to achieve real PPM value. Our consultants make use of leading tools, best practices and standard libraries for to achieve this goal.

We use proven methodologies to ensure an effective and timely delivery of your Clarity PPM Solution. Our consultants are experienced and expertise in rolling out new modules, on-boarding new departments, upgrading, or need help with the development of reports, portlets, workflows, or integrations.

Our solutions are highly scalable and easy to use so you can easily address your current or future business needs.

Why MCT:

  • Our recruitment team operates across different continents with an established network of potential candidates for your open positions;
  • Our recruitment services are available across multiple countries like USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Singapore, Australia and India;
  • Our narrow specialization and focus on Clarity PPM allow us to understand the target market better than everyone. As a result, we are capable of reaching the best suitable candidates in a short period of time;
  • Our top priority is the quality of our services: we are looking for the most qualified professionals for our clients;
  • We are actively engaging passive job seekers, so our candidates will be the first on the job market and available exclusively to our clients;
  • Our Recruitment Consultants can start working in as fast as 24 hours;
  • We have skilled recruiters who are master in resume screening, interviewing for communication, technicalities of Clarity PPM core requirements and negotiating the salary part;
  • Out of 100 profiles submitted, 70-80 of our candidates gets selected by our clients;



  • Enables to use the resources efficiently
  • Can get the support of organization
  • Help organization to align its project workload to meet its strategic goal
  • Make PM’s life easier and more rewarding
  • Agility of PPM
  • Central oversight of budget
  • Risk management
  • Demand and investment management with the standardization of investment procedures, rules and plans
  • Improved ability to deliver project
  • Faster response to the changing circumstance
  • Focus on more important things
  • Seek for the same goal
  • Esier to find dependencies among projects

What PPM tools must deliver?

  • Accurately portray the status of investments
  • Readily enable human and financial resources allocation across the investment portfolio
  • Meaningfully interact with stakeholders
  • Make the solution as intuitive as possible